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Go beyond merely informing various security operations staff that they are now part of a Blue Team. To facilitate a successful Purple Team Pentest, the client organization should consider the following key elements:. Like Yin and Yang or Attack and Defense, Red and Blue teams could not be more opposite in their tactics and behaviors, but these differences are precisely what make them part of a healthy and effective whole. Some of the common problems with Red and Blue team cooperation include: An Internet search can find a number of supporters of the concept.

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Playbook Definition — Both sides of the Purple Teaming exercise have unique objectives and methodologies.

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The Difference Between Red, Blue, and Purple Teams

This playbook loosely defines the rules of the engagement and is largely focused on environment stability e. The Red Team thinks itself too elite to share information with the Blue Team The Red Team is pulled inside the organization and becomes neutered, restricted, and demoralized, ultimately resulting in a catastrophic reduction in their effectiveness The Red Team and Blue Team are not designed to interact with each other on a continuous basis, as a matter of course, so lessons learned on each side are effectively lost Information Security management does not see the Red and Blue team as part of the same effort, and there is no shared information, management, or metrics shared between them Organizations that suffer from one or more of these ailments are most likely to think they need a Purple Team to solve them. Managed Hosting by Hostway. The unifying theme is getting the Red and Blue team to agree on their shared goal of organizational improvement and not to introduce yet another entity into the mix. Another aspect that leads to the dilution of effectiveness of internal Red Teams is that elite Red Team members seldom transition well to cultures at companies with the means to hire them. Is it any wonder that Blue Teams hate traditional pentests?

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purple team penetration test

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