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I can be fairly open about my life now, because I live in Amsterdam, not because anything has changed in the place where I came from. There is no difference between the two groups for assisted memory of product advertised. They're mainly located in major cities namely Belgrade and Novi Sad. On the other hand, the collection of supplementary data in other European countries would be interesting to allow a more total understanding of an element of execution often used by the advertising executives: Literature on marketing theory in Serbia well recognizes the ABC model of attitudes [19, p. When I was in college, I got some light threats, and someone has posted my phone number publicly on a gay dating website. Do you want to read the rest of this article?

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It seems questionable whether the research findings related to the effectiveness of use of sex and nudity in advertising may be considered universal i.

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Results also allow to validate H2. On the other hand, if judged by the attitudes of local advertising professionals the use of sex appeals in advertising seems to be a rather triggering topic. When we see the answers about Ad-Face, there is no differences between men and women for all the items measuring ad. Use of sexual appeals in advertising is therefore not a new topic either in professional or in academic marketing literature. Where I come from, the Pride parade is still a protest.

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