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Her soft lips bobbed up and down, wetting every part of Freddie's hard shaft. Once again, Freddie was overcome by immense pleasure, and he realized that he was coming close to an orgasm. As Freddie walked into his apartment, his extremely worrisome and overprotective mom bombarded him with questions regarding where he was and why he didn't tell her. He was working on a project on the computer where he was photoshopping Carly's face onto a porn star's body. Are you sure you'd never given a blowjob before you gave me one? Carly and Freddie continued their kisses as they became more amplified, and Freddie decided to try and push his luck.

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The rest of the men and women sing and clap their hands.

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She was wearing a tight-fitting light blue Old Navy t-shirt that really brought out her still-growing B cup tits, and was wearing a pair of denim shorts, exposing her beautiful, tan legs. Carly shrieked more high pitched as Freddie fucked harder. However, a few weeks earlier, Sam and Freddie had both been teased that they had never kissed anyone before. This action elicited another joyful cry from Carly who gasped, "We need to do something about that cock. Your review has been posted. During dinner, the three friends were talking but Freddie was spending the entire time staring at his two beautiful friends. Carly stood up and got on her knees in front of Freddie, who stood up and took off his shirt.

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