Vagina hold in wrestling

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Usually perfomered by small, nimble wrestlers men or women. Properly speaking, an uppercut is a punch used in boxing that usually aims at the opponent's chin. Abdullah the Butcher and Sgt. When the held arm is completely extended, the wrestler pulls the opponent back and strikes them with the free arm.

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Alternatively, the Irish whip is used instead of or repleaced by an arm wrench or a wrist lockor by simply grabbing a hold of one of the opponent's wrists with one the wrestler's hands, pulling it towards themselves and striking with their spare arm or going for a hold or sweep.

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Professional wrestling attacks

Views Read View source View history. Retrieved 1 February In this variation, the wrestler does not pull on the opponent's legs in a double leg takedown, relying only on the strike's momentum to force the opponent down. Once the opponent crashes with their back onto the turnbuckle, the wrestler immediately performs a handspring combo towards the opponent across the ring. Also named spinning punch or tornado punch. Dwayne Johnson innovated the high impact elbow drop and called it "The People's Elbow".

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vagina hold in wrestling
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vagina hold in wrestling
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