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The travel narrative is a form of adventure story; its protagonist is a hero merely for the fact of having undergone noteworthy experiences and recording them for others to experience as well. In Coffin became an agent for the Western Freedman's Aid Society, which offered assistance to the slaves who were freed during the war. Braxton seems to recognize that Reminiscences pivots on generic categories and, rather than reducing Reminiscences to any one genre, Braxton rightly acknowledges the dialogue between Reminiscences and the multiple genres that Taylor would have had available to her as a reader. Download Video Standard Braxton may have been the first literary critic to examine Reminiscences for the features it shares with antebellum slave narratives. Not only maintaining the memory and capturing the historical truth transmitted in these accounts, but slave narratives were primarily the tool for fugitive or former slaves to state their independence in the 19th century, and carry on and conserve authentic and true historical facts from a first-person perspective. Please Login or Sign Up to save your points.

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Levi Coffin

Jennings married Fanny, a slave held on another plantation, and they had five children, who lived with their mother. The literal travels that provide the narrative structure of Reminiscences also suggest the pervasive psychological preoccupation with mobility of the newly freed slave. Among its many free blacks at the time were descendants of slaves of the former presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. At several points in the second half of the text, Taylor draws our attention to other adventures involving travel from one point to the next, several at sea, each instance of which is relayed with greater detail than is usual throughout the rest of the text. Coffin located a cotton plantation in Mississippiwhere the owner had freed all his slaves and hired them as free laborers. The cotton was shipped to Cincinnati, where it was spun into cloth and sold. Jackson, and "old Elizabeth," among others.

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