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But if you're still curious about how old the rest of the folks around the globe are when they first do the deed, here's an overview. Do you have a crazy story about losing yours? In terms of the positioning of the actual act, you need to be able to walk before you can run. How well your first time goes really depends on whether or not you and your partner are on the same page as far as your expectations — so make sure you have a conversation about it beforehand and preferably not right before you're about to do it, when nerves are high. Even though men and women tend to lose it around the same age, changes in the female body after having sex for the first time are very different, and can sometimes but not always include bleeding.

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The fact that the term "virginity" is up for interpretation has definitely caused some confusion over the years — especially where oral sex is concerned.

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Everything You Need To Know About Losing Your Virginity

But according to Hodder, you'll probably stand a little taller, psychologically speaking. Fortunately, condoms are super easy to get; you can buy them almost anywhere, and if you're hard up for cash, health care offices like Planned Parenthood often provide condoms free of charge with no questions asked. When it was over some senior girl who was watching came up to me and asked me what I was doing that afternoon. As far as what your first time will be like, it can really run the gamut. She gets up and walks into her bathroom and comes out completely naked. Instead of trying to finagle both your bodies into difficult positions, sexologist Dr. You may have heard the term "popping her cherry" thrown around in reference to a woman's first time, which refers to a woman's hymen.

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sex virgins the first time
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