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Just In All Stories: Currently have one with the same problem also a red head so will be watching this thread with interest. He lifted her easily, placing her with a soft thump onto his bed. After profusely apologizing and cleaning her up, Sansa's fiery head was lying on his chest, and Sandor thought himself the happiest man on earth, except…. Just thinking out loud really, but hope you can solve the issue for him.

Sandor bucked underneath her, yearning for more.

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Works very nicely I must say. I know he is a boy I was just commenting that old girls get the same problem. He was drenched and wormed at the Vets back in March, and has since been scouring a bit. He's come to stay with me last Saturday and we're doing a worm count at the Vet on Monday after finding out that the Vet his Owner used wormed with Equimax nothing against that product, just not sure that it covers "everything". Jacky YJul 27, Sandor caught his breath in his throat. I would be concerned about the scouring too.

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