Penetration of 500 s w magnum

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It is fair to say these are truly specialized cartridges, suitable for use only by a tiny minority of experienced handgun hunters. Wonder what the muzzle velocity difference would be between the 5. Heres what was left. Interestingly dry paper is a very hard medium for bullet testing almost like shooting sand. Cross-Sectional Area Other things such as bullet construction and expansion ratio being equal, a fatter bullet makes a larger hole and consequently a wider wound cavity with increased area. So he shot a stack of 3 phone book sized books.

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However, the differences between the two cartridges in velocity and trajectory are basically inconsequential.

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What did we learn from this meaningless venture? The COL is 2. M SS Even Better The M specification ammunition you used has good penetration when fired from a 9 inch twist barrel, but the M NATO SS specification 62 grain bullet fired from a 7 inch twist barrel barrel is spectacular, particularly - yards from the muzzle. The amount of trauma induced by the. It sounds like a magnum caliber rifle when fired and, even in full daylight, a couple feet of flame visibly jets from the muzzle. For field use, I would suggest a yard zero for both of these cartridges, which should mean a mid-range trajectory maximum bullet rise of about 2. The time now is

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penetration of 500 s w magnum
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penetration of 500 s w magnum
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