Passed out chick in bathroom

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I remember I was reading a thread where some girl got pooped on after passing out. So you're still in the bathroom now? Like a house bathroom. ExoticAnimal I had the same exact question. The second time was this year -- my former workplace was having a party for the employees, and I mixed Vodka with beer and, apparently, mary jane I swear to god I thought it was a regular cigarette when I asked for a drag, and it's probably why I passed out.

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Ever passed out in a bathroom?

My friend said he had to do up my fly for me and carry me back, he still holds a grudge against me for that. No, but I passed out on the front lawn. After that, I lay down on the ground and everything is a mess. Huffanddoback Follow Forum Posts: I've passed out once in my bedroom. TheIpodBoy You have a nice sig:

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passed out chick in bathroom
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passed out chick in bathroom
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