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The campaign started talking about it. She's launched a new anti-drug initiative with her husband Kevin Hunter, to help recovering addicts be present in their own lives. White informed Berrier that they would meet Palin at a private airstrip that afternoon, and that White would fly with Palin to Arizona to meet with Schmidt and [Mark] Salter that evening — and then, the following morning, with McCain. Click to copy https: Bush, however, have been asked to give eulogies. Brian Bilbray Hat tip: Not planning to Google stuff on the computer.

Williams has been giving back through the Hunter Foundation, created with husband Kevin Hunter, since

‘Yep, I’m Gay’: Happy 20th out anniversary, Ellen DeGeneres

The early voting trend is about even in Colorado. In this April 5, photo released by Warner Bros. The memo, released Saturday Democrats who monitor advertising spending now put at five the number of states where Senator John McCain is reducing his advertising — New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Colorado, Maine and Minnesota. The adviser maintained that regardless of the instant-poll numbers, Joe the plumber and other talking points would likely resonate in the weeks to come. I spoke as well to several other midlevel advisers and to a number of former senior aides. The senator was also a longtime opponent of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, which would prevent workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, but in he voted in favor of the LGBTQ-inclusive bill.

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