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This is a derivative version of much better fighters out there, and there are cheaper ways to see half naked women if that is all you are interested in. I have no idea why The Foundation must have the girls in torn clothes or just half naked. There is a practice mode, but you have no need to practice mashing punch. The controls are clunky, which makes your fighter go back when you press forward and trying to do combos is nearly impossible. You can punch, kick, or grapple, and there is an assortment of combos unique to each of the eight fighters. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Headset.

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Everyone else is going to want to look elsewhere.

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Game Review: Girl Fight (PS3/Xbox 360)

Girl Fight as a whole just ends up playing out like a dumb version of Dead or Alive. We assume you're ok with this by visiting this site, but you can opt-out if you wish. There is an online versus mode, but nobody else owns this game for you to play with. You can tell it was done on the Unreal Engine by how plastic the fighters look. My first couple of fights I actually tried looking through the combos and finding out which were easiest to pull of and which caused the most amount of damage.

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girl fight game nudity
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girl fight game nudity
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