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Really though, when considering doing the Lustworthy shoot, I wound up facing my own personal binary relationship with self-esteem. Something just snapped inside. But men get body shamed too, he argues. No matter how subconsciously culturally acceptable the fat guy, and even the fat guy dating a conventionally hot woman is, the reality of it is this: That fat guys get hot girls all the time. Men and body image will be just one of the topics discussed at the second annual Body Love Conference this weekend in Tucson, Arizona. Jesse poses in the Lustworthy campaign.

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That there really is a vicious double standard in the way that heavier women are perceived sexually as opposed to heavier guys.

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Can fat guys be sexy? (Hell yeah)

Jesse Arenstein says fat guys are more culturally acceptable than fat women. The heights of testosterone-fueled confidence and the lows of bullying-fueled self-hatred. I had been beaten up, publicly shamed, endlessly belittled both by classmates and family members about my size, but now the fat shaming was getting in the way of the one thing I could not, would not, be separated from: Later that year I wrote my first poem, went to my first middle school dance, played my first Dungeons and Dragons game, and my parents and I moved to Tucson. That fat guys get hot girls all the time.

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