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Turn-ins Raiment of the Fervent Item Type: The archon will only attack enemies that have already been damaged Will not attack fascinated or mesmerized foes always attacks the enemy with the fewest hit points in range. And finally, finally — Crushing Despair — I cast this unHeightened as I only want the Will save debuff and I believe this debuff works even if the mob saves. May 16, at 8: Legendary Shadowhail Cloak Cloak:

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This effect will not stack with other sentient weapon procs.

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Angel of Vengeance Tree

Legendary Hands of House Jorasco: Shaman's Band Item Type: Reply 15 - Sep 30 that 7: Once spell resistance has been bypassed the target still gets to make their normal save against the spell if there is any. Immune to Disease 4 Pieces:

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ddo spell penetration stack feat enhancement
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