And world domination

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I have a drive that wavers under the pressures of everyday life, and this manifesto is exactly what it needed to re-energize. The variety of classes is imperative: You are Real, I mean you realy live your life the way you want to, you take the time to write a blog to share your personal experiences. To love and be loved in return, platonically and romantically. Not only has the predicatable affected the way I speak, at times, it also affects the way I write, how I feel when I wake up, and what I feel like doing after five. I want to eliminate plastic, and find a biodegradable solution.

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Chapter 1, verse et.

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World domination

Too many human beings look back on the last 40 years that they devoted to climbing the corporate ladder and wonder where all the time went. I actually read your entire manifesto almost in one go, which is unusual for me. Hyperpowera state that dominates all other states in every sphere of activity, and is traditionally considered to be a step higher than a superpower. Keep up the great work. If I am not the one, then who is??? That was so amazing and inspiring that I totally owe you a comment.

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and world domination
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and world domination
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