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In one powerful pull Trish tears off Lita's bra making her tanned boobs drop out in front of the whole world bringing the fans to scream out wild. She tries sinking her nails into the small of Lita's back pairing the skin but all that does is fire Lita up making her add a forth finger to her already soaking wet pussy nearly making her cum from the first contact. Driving her knee into the side of Trish's head Lita makes sure that Trish is hurt and dazed before moving down Trish's body towards the blonde's panties. Lita knows she won't have long before Trish starts fighting back so is pumping her fingers in and out of her like a cock hoping Trish will once again lose herself in the moment and cum. Feeling her energy slowly being drained Lita tries to fight back the light-headedness as she slowly slumps her head down to the mat as she blacks out.

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Lita and trish naked match

Lita is out first, she walks out onto the ramp a little embarrassed already as on WWE. Sections of this page. Lita wastes no time in stamping her dominance on this match flicking her leg up hitting Trish in her crotch. She can feel herself being stripped but that head butt has really hurt her so Trish is unable to save her top. Being one of the se Trying every trick in the book Lita has quickly added a fourth finger to Trish's pussy but she is struggling to keep up the lighting fast pace of Trish's tongue which is sucking and licking every inch of her pussy making the occasional slurping noise as she drinks all of Lita's leaking juices. It wasn't brought up by anybody on-screen and it didn't have that ah-ha!

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wwe lita naked match
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