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Oz isn't just a way to pass the time until The Sopranos arrives. That actually broke me of the habit. I used to say that being in that cell with Adebisi was like being on a date from hell that lasted a month. This is a little piece of backstage history: One of the best scenes ever was when Beecher goes nuts and craps into Schillenger's mouth lol. People in jail are human beings, and there but the grace of God go I.

Game of Thrones also has no Tony Soprano.

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We all hung out with each other in general, but there was a devious mentality with the inmates. The camera was its own character. In OZthe violence and stuff like that happened right in front of your face. And growing up in that era, having a chance to spend time around Mos Def and watch him transition to becoming an actor was really exciting. I wore my hat in the way that I used to wear when I was a teenager on the street myself. As soon as I thought of it [for the episode], I knew Tom was going to love it.

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