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The ecstatic melting between shaman and spirit-ally can lead to highest bliss and pleasure. You yourself are the other part of this practice. Like eating and drinking sex is something natural to your body and of course a very nice activity. It is noteworthy that in ancient cave-paintings and later images shamans deep in animal-trance or adorned with animal-costumes frequently are depicted sexually aroused - a fact which you can experience by yourself in deep animal-trances. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you are solo this practice enriches your life and your sexual life is more balanced. Today it is difficult to tell whether the daemonic Succubi and Incubi mentioned during the time of inquisition are projections of the frigid church-fathers or a factual spiritual practice.

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To marry a spirit-ally is socially accepted in some siberian tribes.

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The ecstatic melting between shaman and spirit-ally can lead to highest bliss and pleasure. Ghosts Sexual fetishism Folklore Paraphilias. If you are not feeling well when thinking of this practice you better abstain from it. Shamans often are not fitting into the common frame of behaviour, frequently they cross the borders of accepted ways of thinking, also regarding to sexuality which is topic here in a special way. It is of course a practice that relies on your spirit-ally that actually has the last word on this. Of course I also receive very positive feedback on it, showing that I again closed a gap in the seemingly conservative and frigid shamanic-scene that some blockheads rather prefer being left open. Views Read Edit View history.

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how to have sex with spirits
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how to have sex with spirits
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