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Cut a hole in a bar of soap "Dove" preferablyand thrust into it in the shower. If you are worried, then talk to your doctor. This is probably a bad question just by looking at the site name, but is this site only for women or are there certain areas for anal with guys? Before you dive into the guide below, you might want to have a listen the podcast I just finished recording on how to use your dildo for very intense and fulfilling orgasms. Comments its so good to have some moist big carrot or cucumber into vagina moistened with oil and inserted with several thrust like motion you will feel as good as real fucking. You can sit on it or press your clitoris up against the corner for stimulation.

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Even a well lubed toothbrush handle can get you screaming for more.

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Homemade Sex Toys: What You Need To Know

If you use a electric toothbrush put the brush side just a little above your clit it fells so good and it made me cum in like 15 seconds. I love a big cucumber up my butt it feels so sexy. Hand Job Guide 4. I just kept leaning against them and ended up ejaculating in my underwear. Definitely put down a towel coz u cum so much!

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household things guys use to masturbate
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household things guys use to masturbate
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