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The infusion of white blood cells, according to Runels, increases lubrication and sensitivity, allowing the patient to reach climax easily. And how about if there was a drop-in clinic for young people? Maintaining physical intimacy through cuddling and touching is central to to the sexual satisfaction and well-being of older people when penetrative sex is no longer possible. Are older patients comfortable discussing sexual health with nurses? Given this background, the aim of the present discourse is to review the available literature on issues germane to the sexual health of the elderly population. I just, whenever I needed it, I bought it at uni.

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Most studies have a small sample, or if they do have a large sample, most of the women surveyed are not elderly.

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Sexual Function in Elderly Women: A Review of Current Literature

Index Mundi Oman life expectancy at birth. This page has been produced in consultation with and approved by: Furthermore, inspection of the vaginal tissues in postmenopausal or otherwise estrogen-deficient women reveals the mucosa to be dry and thin. Medications that affect the nervous system will affect sexual function. Yeah, she just gets on with it, yeah. Cos then I could just go, have it in, and then I can, without having to prat about going into town and things like that. A review of current literature.

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