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This points to a strong desire to select for a son if one has not been born yet. Night Nurse in Enforcement 9: Chinese porn 2 When females interact with men, or are believed to do so, the " family honor " is tarnished. A study of the United States Census suggests possible male bias in families of Chinese, Korean and Indian immigrants, which was getting increasingly stronger in families where first one or two children were female. Eventually, this could lead to better social conditions, followed by the birth of more women and sex ratios moving back to natural levels.

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Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel and Daniel Rosenblum, in their paper, find that despite numerous publications and studies, there is limited formal evidence on the effects of the continued spread of ultrasound technology on missing women in India. China, the most populous country in the world, has a serious problem with an unbalanced sex ratio population. The United States Congress has debated legislation that would outlaw the practice. Outside of United States, European nations with extensive birth records, such as Finland, report similar variations in birth sex ratios over a year period, that is from to AD. However, many people have personal connections to medical practitioners and strong son preference still dominates culture, leading to the widespread use of sex determination techniques. In this way, sex-selective abortion may be a more humane alternative to infanticide, abandonment, or neglect.

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