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You could improve this answer by stating where you live, in what contexts you have encountered clearly-offensive uses of this term, and how widespread that offensive perception is or was in those contexts. So I just re-watched this great comedy by Tim Minchinand here are the questions:. Well, people are racist to FOBs… Leon: The word ranga first received wide exposure in when it was used in the first episode of the popular television comedy series Summer Heights High. The "redhead" meaning is pretty far down the list, and the concept that this could somehow be derogatory is a bit, um, alien. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Starting inearly newspaper evidence for ranga includes references to schoolyard name-calling as well as references to red-haired Australian football players.

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‘ranga’, ‘red’, ‘bluey’, ‘ginger’

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Kevin Lawrence 1, 2 10 Information This entry was posted on February 1, by Helene Markmann in etiquette and customs and tagged red hairslang. This is rarely helpful and, in light of the recent spate of gingers-have-no-friends jokes, best avoided. The context was schoolyard bullying: The Centre identifies evidence of the term as applying to red-haired people in Australian newspapers in the early s, and it generally entered popular lexicon as a schoolyard insult during this time. If you say He's ginger.

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ranga redhead slang
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ranga redhead slang
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