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Now this individual will have hemophilia. It's actually whole chromosomes determine it. Color blindness and also hemophilia. You could view this as the allele frequency of that mutation on the X chromosome. So if you have this around, this gene right here can start coding for things that will eventually lead to the development of the testicles. So 22 of the pairs of chromosomes are just regular non-sex-determining chromosomes. And then he found a reason to get her essentially decapitated, even though it was all his fault.

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And if you don't have that around, that won't happen, so you'll end up with a female.

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So 22 of the pairs of chromosomes are just regular non-sex-determining chromosomes. Please log in or register to post comments. So these would be female, and those would be male. But a very interesting and somewhat ironic fact might pop out at you when you see this. Well, the mom always donates an X chromosome, so in no way does what the haploid genetic makeup of the mom's eggs, of the gamete from the female, in no way does that determine the gender of the offspring.

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