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You have to dismantle everything that gives power to false purity. Fragile boys grow up to become fragile men. But you are lucky. Everything you learn about purity is a myth. At a time far too late, but still early enough to push back. When a man teaches your sex education class, loss of virginity will be talked about as an inevitability; something that will surely happen sooner rather than later. It is a shame that they will never teach you how to be alone.

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In coming years, you will know loss in much more trivial ways.

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Dear 14-Year-Old Boy, You Are Not Entitled to Sex

At 30, it will be hard to remember that you deserve the love of all of the smart, encouraging, relentlessly powerful women in your life. At 21, a guy you know has sex with two people at the same party, and you laugh about it over breakfast the next morning. It begins when you learn that the sex you have is a new trophy to be displayed, each time. It begins when you ask for education and are given condoms. You do not get to watch while a body is defined for someone who is not given a voice.

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