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Surprisingly, Metal Gear Solid 4 ends with the two of them getting married. There's something you don't see every day Naru in the Love Hina manga. This was due to the laughing Man trying to appear from the future. Lord Hezebolus in the sequel is also naked. Ryu starts off this way in Breath of Fire IV The first character who he meets after his arrival promptly points him to a box of clothing. In the novelit was just a belt.

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In the Uncanny X-Men storyline that introduced the island nation of Genosha, Wolverine and Rogue were teleported there by a mutant code-named Pipeline.

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Naked on Arrival

Eternal BlueLucia is naked when awakening on the Blue Star, and arrives on Lunar several seconds before her clothes. The first time the audience sees Dokuro in Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan is when Sakura walks in on her while she's changing. He gets dressed as soon as he gets out of bed, though. In the beginning of Dark Citythe main character awakes in a bathtub. Akira Takizawa in Eden of the East.

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briggs + naked + enchanted
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briggs + naked + enchanted
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